J.Sparks Mortgages Offer Mortgages For All Types of Borrowers

Self employed or commission-based employmentIf you don’t have a “traditional” job you may have difficulty obtaining a mortgage. I can assist in finding favorable financing for you. There are lenders that offer mortgages specifically designed for self-employed and commissioned sales people.
Poor creditEven if you have a poor credit history or have experienced a bankruptcy, a mortgage is still within your reach. I will work to find the financing that suits your particular situation.
New ImmigrantsSecuring financing for a new home in a new country is a challenge. As an expert in mortgages, we can help people who are new to Canada obtain affordable financing.

What Kind of Borrower Are You?
Traditional lenders are quick to categorize certain types of borrowers as too risky. I look at your individual circumstances and work to come up with a realistic plan for your home financing. Even if you have a poor credit record, a mortgages is still within reach. Talk to me if you:
-     Lack a credit rating or have had financial difficulties in the past
-     Own your own business or have commission-based employment
-     Collect disability or a pension
-     Have recently immigrated to Canada
-     Are newly employed or under-employed

Strong Credit or Bad Credit - Mortgages Are Available
-     If you want to pay off some debts or expand your existing home, refinancing and home equity products can help.
-     Looking for an income property? I can help set up a mortgage for your rental property.
-     If you are considering major renovations to your current residence or the purchase of a vacation home, I can find you the right financing.

Whatever your real estate goals, I can help you achieve them.